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Get Your Cash Offer Now!

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Do You Have A Home You Are Ready To Sell?​

No Hassles , No Ridiculous Fees, No Closing Costs

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Founder & President of Centurion Properties​

Meet Nick Cuttonaro​

I’m the man who wants to give you a CASH OFFER for your home today. I’m also the Founder & President of Centurion Properties.

Whether it’s buying, selling, owning, or exploring new properties, I love real estate. And with Centurion Properties, I have the honor of being able to help people sell their homes fast and remain blessed to live and breathe the world of real estate each day.

And what I always tell people is…

If You’re Thinking About Selling, Sell With Centurion.

Whatever your reason for selling, Centurion Properties can help.

We can buy your home in as little as 14-days!

Our 3-Step Buying Process

At Centurion we understand the Sellers we work with value speed.

No one wants to wait 6-12 months to sell their home.



That’s why we have a simple 3-Step Buying Process that can take as little as 14-days for you to get the cash you need for your home and walk away with no strings attached.


Here’s how it works…


Enter your property address in the box below.

When you enter your property address in the box below, you’ll be taken to a short questionnaire that should take no more than 5 minutes for you to fill out.


Answer your phone when I call You Back.

If me and my team are interested in buying your property, we will give you a call within 48-hours of you submitting your questionnaire.


Every single call is with me, Nick Cuttonaro. And every call is 100% FREE. 


No hidden fees, no complicated agreements, just honest business.


Schedule Property Meeting.

If we believe buying your home is a win-win situation for us, then we will set up an in-person meeting at your property.

At this meeting I will conduct a site inspection, and if we both agree to move forward, I will give you a fair and reasonable cash offer ON THE SPOT.


When we agree on terms, can put your house under contract. It’s that easy!

you guessed it...

Most Real Estate Companies Do Not Value Honest Business.

The unfortunate truth about most companies who want to buy your home is they are not honest.


I know from experience after spending years and years in the real estate industry that most people who tell you that they want to buy your home are promising a unicorn and delivering a donkey.


I’ve seen countless “buyers” shake hands with a Seller just like yourself who is ready to get the cash for their home… but then the buyer doesn’t follow through with what they said they would do. 

I’ve seen buyers try to renegotiate contracts after a deal is made with the seller.

I’ve seen buyers take months to come up with the money to purchase a home only to suddenly back out of the deal.

I’ve seen buyers “ghost” sellers after they make a deal because they found another property they like better than yours.

I’ve seen buyers BURY sellers in paperwork hoping they sign over their soul on a contract they didn’t read throughly.

When other buyers who aren’t honest do things like this, it leaves Sellers like you high and dry as you scramble to find another solution to sell your home.

At Centurion Properties

We Value Honest Business.

Remember the times when business deals were made with a simple handshake and a smile?



At Centurion Properties we still value the power of a handshake over mounds and mounds of paperwork. We’re simple folks, so we keep it as simple as possible.



When you request your cash offer today and we have our site inspection at your property, I can promise you that we will follow through with what we say we can do.


renegotiate agreements after we’ve made a deal.

We will lose money before we go back on our deals to renegotiate.


take 6-12 months to buy your home.

We are ready and able to buy your home NOW. You do not have to wait months to get cash for your home.


“ghost” sellers after we shake hands.

When we shake hands, we become partners. And good partners never leave each other high and dry.

I can promise you that you will ALWAYS get a fair and reasonable offer for your home.


Just Listen To What Some Of Our Previous Sellers Have To Say!

You may be wondering...

Is Selling With Centurion Properties Right For you?

Who Should Not Sell Their Home With Centurion Properties?

As much as I would like to say that I am ready and willing to buy any home in Greenville or Spartanburg, that’s not quite true.


You SHOULD NOT put in your property address in the box below and schedule a call with me:

Then you SHOULD NOT put your property address in the box below and schedule your call today.



Maybe we can do business down the road. But not today as we’re not aligned, unfortunately .

Who Should Sell Their Home With Centurion Properties?

While it’s true that we don’t want to buy every home in Greenville or Spartanburg… we are ready and willing to buy almost anyone’s home within 14-days if you meet the criteria below.

If that is you, then I am ready to give you a cash offer for your home ASAP!


Top Questions You May Have About Selling Your Property

Many companies will buy your home but then force you to pay closing costs for your home. These costs can often be a big chunk of what the home actually sells for and usually blindsides sellers.



But when you sell with Centurion Properties, WE COVER ALL CLOSING COSTS.



That means you get your money for the home and get to walk away without any strings attached.




At Centurion Properties we specialize in speed. But we are also realistic.



You may be serious about selling your home, but need an extra (3) months before it’s the “right time”. (This is typical for many sellers.)



When you sell with Centurion Properties, we can make a deal today and choose a closing date that suits you best even if it’s months in the future.

You can receive the money for your home in as little as 14-days and get to walk away without any extra responsibilities.




If you are behind on taxes, mortgage, or have other bills piling up, you can STILL sell your home with Centurion Properties.



If we want your property in Greenville or Spartanburg, we can buy it in as little as 14-days regardless of your financial situation provided it’s a win-win for all parties.



We will buy your home as-is. No extra work required from you.

When you enter your property address in one of the boxes on this page, you will be routed to a short questionnaire where you will enter your phone number.


After you enter your phone number you will receive a call from me. After our initial call you can save my number and we will communicate that way.

We handle ALL the paperwork.


All we will need from you is a few signatures on our one-page contract which goes to our law firm immediately after the ink is dry. That’s it!

Give Me My Free Cash Offer, Nick!

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